Meeting with Midwife

Earlier today, I had a very comprehensive meeting with a midwife who is a provider with my gynecologist’s office. In fact, she spent an entire hour with me, simply addressing my concerns.

The midwife very carefully reviewed my medical and surgical histories. She also made sure that my medication list was updated.

I informed her that I’m not suffering physically at this point, one month after my total hysterectomy. I disclosed that I’ve been experiencing increased anxiety and depression.

Despite taking Black Cohosh, I’m also continuing to have hot flashes and night sweats. She provided information about herbal remedies to treat these symptoms.

We discussed some lifestyle modifications that would be helpful for addressing my current concerns. I told her that I’ve recently been walking more, as well as paying closer attention to adequate hydration.

The midwife recommended that I first try an over the counter supplement for my menopausal symptoms. She said that if an over the counter supplement is not adequate for alleviating my symptoms, she would consider initiating a low dose of estrogen.

I asked if I could receive baseline testing of my current hormone levels. She ordered the following tests: estradiol, cortisol am, TSH, and free Thyroxine. I’ll have these labs drawn tomorrow morning.

I shared that I feel extremely frustrated by weight gain, especially substantial abdominal weight gain. She suggested that I try the ketogenic diet. I told her that I’ve recently begun Intermittent Fasting. She thought that this was an excellent idea.

I feel like I’m headed in the right direction! It’ll be interesting to see my latest lab results.

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