Implementing Changes

I’ve recently begun to make several important changes in my lifestyle. First, I’ve started to incorporate intermittent fasting (IF) into my weekly schedule. I completed a 36-hour fast, earlier this week. I was especially drawn to IF for its anti-inflammatory benefits.

I’ve also been much more aware of staying adequately hydrated. I drink water on a regular basis, as opposed to only when I feel thirsty. I’m really trying to limit my daily caffeine intake, which is super difficult for me. I know that drinking too much coffee exacerbates my silent GERD.

As a follow-up to meeting with my midwife, I recently completed baseline hormonal testing. I’m really looking forward to seeing my results soon. I’ve also started to take an over the counter menopause supplement, Reminifen. I know that it’ll take several weeks before I notice the full effect.

Another change that I’ve made is to start walking on a daily basis. I’m using the WalkFit app to track my progress, and slowly working my way up to 10,000 steps per day. I used to walk on a regular basis, at least four miles a day. I’m exercising again for improved physical and emotional health.

In addition, I’ve been using non-prescription supplements to assist with resolving menopausal weight gain. I’ve carefully researched each of these supplements, as well as any potential interactions they might have with my multiple prescription medications.

I’ve felt so very convicted that it’s my responsibility to be a much healthier clinical health psychologist. I expect that incorporating each of these changes will make a positive impact on my overall health.

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